I did not join during the beginning of the semester. Can I still be part of PIF?

Yes. The Phoenician Investment Fund does not have established deadlines for prospective members to register. In order to join, please refer to our Join tab in the navigation bar on our website. There will be two options for payment; Advanced, Fundamentals, and Returning. We accept all debit and credit cards, except cash.

The Bear is the membership new members should select, while The Bull is the membership designed for returning members.

I am not a finance or business-related major. Can I still join?

Yes. The Phoenician Investment Fund does not have any requirements for prospective members. Our program is suited for any individual who has a genuine interest in learning practical skills used in Finance. Whether you are striving to break into the financial industry or have a curiosity to learn more, you can still benefit from the range of programs we have to offer. 

How are you different from other finance organizations around campus?

Although we have many well-reputed organizations on campus, many fail to train students for rigorous careers in Finance. We are always modifying our curriculum to better suit our members for the ever-changing job landscape. In addition, we help students with their "soft skills" such as networking, email communication, and much more. The Phoenician Investment Fund's driving goal is to prepare guuide members in the path of: Discovering their dream career and equipping them with the skills to do it.

Are meetings mandatory?

No. You do not have to attend every meeting. However, in order to take full advantage of our curriculum and programs, we advise our members to attend as many meetings, workshops, and activities as possible.